Discover a beach in Maupiti that is not to be missed. Tereia beach is the embodiment of all the expectations of a trip to the islands. Its beauty, its location facing the setting sun and its incredible softness make it a must-see. The beach is not just a setting: it is a place of wonder, of encounters and of many activities to do in Maupiti.

Discover the Colors of the Beach in Maupiti

A Delight for the Eyes

It is at this moment that travelers become fully aware of the beauty of the Pacific islands. Before their eyes, the colors explode and make the place unreal. Tereia beach dazzles with its incredible shades of blue and green. The lagoon with its turquoise waters rubs shoulders with the brown hues of the cliffs while the dense vegetation covers the sides of the mountains.

Maupiti is still a partly wild island. The contrast between the softness of the beach and the jagged relief that falls into the lagoon is absolutely striking. Blue, green, brown with all imaginable shades, but also white. The pure white of the fine sand of the beach. It is a real treat for the eyes and amateur photographers will surely find their happiness.

Enjoying the Sunset From the Beach in Maupiti

Due to its southwestern orientation, Tereia beach is one of the most popular spots to admire the sunset. Hues and shades of pink, red and orange appear, setting the sky and the ocean ablaze. The moment is unique and unforgettable. In fact, all superlatives are possible with the most beautiful beach in Maupiti. Facing the sea, lovers will enjoy the show in peace and privacy.

Things to Do on Tereia Beach in Maupiti

Enjoy an Idyllic Setting

Tereia beach is worth spending a good part of the day there. It is the only public beach on the main island of Maupiti. There is a gentle tranquility. If it is possible to meet some tourists and some locals on weekends, the place remains little frequented. Coconut trees line the beach and no modern construction disturbs this very peaceful atmosphere. Like the rest of the island, the place is very clean, almost virgin. You feel like you are at the end of the world. The setting alone is worth going there, at least for the contemplation.

Tereia Beach in Maupiti, view from the mountain Maupiti – The Unspoken Paradise” by SF Brit is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A Bath in Warm Waters

Tereia is the only real beach in Maupiti where swimming is possible. The water is translucent and clear. It is also very warm with an average temperature of 28°. At this place, the lagoon is very shallow and does not allow swimming. For an adult of average height, the water will reach at best the hips. One can thus walk several hundred meters in the lagoon while keeping one’s feet. For families with young children, the beach is an extraordinary safe playground.

On the rightmost part of the beach, a deeper natural pool emerges in the lagoon and allows for real swimming. The absence of coral spat offers even the possibility to dive without risk of injury. This will be an opportunity to observe the aquatic fauna with fins-mask-tuba. Those who want to engage in more advanced underwater activities can then turn to the best diving spots in Maupiti.

Crossing the Lagoon by Foot

The beach also owes its fame to the presence of the motu Auira, which can be reached on foot by crossing the lagoon. This crossing is done at low tide when the water barely reaches the thighs of an average-sized adult.

The experience is once again fantastic and unreal. For 800 meters, the impression of literally walking on the water is quite fascinating. The current is weak and it takes between 20 and 30 minutes to reach the shore. The crossing is therefore safe and it will be an opportunity to observe many fish, some black tip sharks and sometimes even rays. If they can be curious, this aquatic fauna remains harmless.

Upon arrival on the motu Auira, the feeling of being at the end of the world is accentuated. The shoreline is paved with shells and mollusks. You will have the impression to replay the adventures of Robinson Crusoe. The nature is wild and impressive. After having enjoyed the superb view on the main island, the return crossing is done well before sunset.

How to Get to Tereia Beach in Maupiti

To fully enjoy the beach, it is best to choose a hotel in Maupiti located nearby. This is the case of the Tereia pension and Maupiti Residence. However, even if you stay further away, the beach of Tereia is still easy to reach. From the village of Vaiea, it takes about an hour to walk and about 15 minutes by bike. Not all guesthouses have bicycles, but it is always possible to rent one at the port. From there, you just have to go along the coastal road and then take the ferry road to reach Tereia Point, where the beach is located in Maupiti.

If you want to spend the day there, it is a good idea to bring enough water to cool down and the necessary sun protection. An umbrella will allow you to take advantage of a very appreciable shade. For snacks, you can eat at the snack bar Chez Mimi, where the portions are copious and the prices reasonable.

Discover the Beaches of French Polynesia

Other wonderful landscapes, the white sandy beaches of Bora Bora and Moorea await you. Discover the islands of the archipelago and have the best vacation of your life. Contact us today to organize your activities in French Polynesia!