After lounging on the most beautiful beach of Maupiti, put on your wetsuit and go to meet a very generous aquatic biodiversity. Lovers of exotic fish and stingrays will enjoy themselves. Let’s go to an intimate destination and diving in Maupiti!

Diving in Maupiti: Put on Your Wetsuit

Manta Rays “Cleaning Station”

Near the Onoiau pass, south of Maupiti, you will find an incredible spot to observe manta rays. At a depth of 8 meters, there are several coral spats, where colonies of wrasses live. These small fishes have the particularity to feed on the tiny parasites that cover the manta rays. Every day groups of manta rays come to swim there to be cleaned. There are often up to eight rays at the same time.

Manta Rays in Maupiti, French Polynesia

The “cleaning station” is the scene of a fascinating aquatic ballet and a must for diving in Maupiti. You can observe the manta rays from the bottom. Seeing them pass over your head will be a memorable experience. Most importantly, the experience is for all divers, beginners and advanced. The Maupiti hotel clientele is very frequent to the stingray station, which is easily accessible by boat.

Diving in Maupiti: Jump Into the Ocean

Diving in Maupiti is also experienced on the ocean side. You can observe a wilder aquatic nature. Next to the motu Tuanai in the south-east of the island, you will meet many reef fish on the drop off. Say hello to parrotfish, surgeonfish, napoleon wrasse and watch that barracuda or grey shark that disappeared as quickly as it arrived. For a safe experience, we recommend that you go through Maupiti Diving.

Snorkeling tn Maupiti: Put on Your Mask and Snorkel

Snorkeling lovers are not left out. Just next to the motu Pae’ao, there is an excellent spot in a false channel less than 3 meters deep. You enter the water not far from the reef that separates the ocean and the lagoon, and then let the incoming current carries you. You will drift on the surface of the water until the exit of the passage a little lower. The experience is breathtaking: as you pass over the massive coral reefs, you will see a multitude of tropical fish, from angelfish to puffer fish.

Drift snorkeling requires the ability to control your movements over a fairly long distance. Beginners, in particular, will have to be careful not to damage the ecosystem, or even to injure themselves. In addition, beware of the outgoing currents around the Onoiau pass, which are among the strongest in French Polynesia.

Tropical fish seen while snorkeling in Maupiti

Want to Dive in French Polynesia?

Diving in French Polynesia is a must-do activity and each island offers an incredible aquatic spectacle. Will you continue the adventure in Moorea and Bora Bora, or will you fly to the Tuamotu archipelago? Choose the itinerary that best suits you. Contact us to organize your trip to the South Sea Islands.