Finding a hotel in Maupiti sometimes requires patience and flexibility. Very popular with visitors from all over the world, places on the island are rare. Indeed, there are simply no standard hotels: no luxury hotels or hotels on stilts, no tourist complex to welcome travelers. On Maupiti, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts dominate the supply market.

Due to limited capacity, it is important to plan well in advance, between 10 and 12 months. This recommendation applies to hotel reservations as well as to flights to Maupiti from Tahiti. Depending on your expectations, you will also have to choose your place of residence carefully. Whether you are going on a honeymoon or with your family, different types of accommodation are available to you. Let’s take a look at some of them to help you choose the right place to spend your vacation.

Where to Stay on the Island of Maupiti: Choosing the Right Location

Maupiti is composed of one main island and five sandy islands surrounding it, the famous motus. Of these, only three are inhabited and offer boarding accommodations. Experiences on Maupiti will vary greatly depending on where you choose to stay.

The main island is a high island. Most of the 1200 inhabitants live there. Although small, there is a village life with a few shops and snack bars for food. In addition, this is the place where most of the activities are located, foremost among them hiking in Maupiti on Mount Teurafaatui and biking.

The motus have the advantage of offering an experience cut off from the world. Alone in front of the immensity of the Pacific Ocean, you can enjoy an extraordinary panorama on the main island and the lagoon. Those who enjoy contemplation will be delighted. On the other hand, the isolation is palpable and all paid travel depends on the goodwill of the hosts of the pension.

For a first experience, an accommodation on the main island is recommended. It’s a choice of freedom of movement and discovery of the local life.

Types of Accommodation in Maupiti: Hotels, Pensions and Camping

Although there are no real hotel in Maupiti, the offer is quite varied. Three types of accommodation are available to visitors.

The Guestroom

Staying in a family-run guesthouse in Maupiti promises a total immersion in the home. Visitors occupy a private room in a guesthouse and take meals together with others at the main table. The sanitary facilities and the bathroom are shared. It is an opportunity to meet travelers from different backgrounds and to experience life in a community, with its advantages (meeting people and conviviality) and its disadvantages (noise pollution and lack of privacy). It is an ideal solution for family reunions and isolated travelers.

The Private Bungalow

Visitors enjoy a more comfortable and more intimate accommodation with private bedroom and bathroom. Meals are always taken at the main table with the other travelers. This is a great alternative for honeymooners, small families and people who want more privacy.


It is the most affordable solution and often the last resort to avoid sleeping under the stars. The population is generally younger and more resourceful. Sanitary facilities and a common living room are at the disposal of the visitors. Located near the public beach, there is an air of adventure without equal. However, you will have to think about bringing your tent. Camping in Maupiti is a solution that will appeal to globetrotters, but perhaps less to visitors who need a minimum of comfort.

A Selection of the Best Pensions and Hotels in Maupiti

Pension Tautiare Village in MaupitiPonton de la pension Tautiare Village Maupiti” by peterfatson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

There are nearly twenty guesthouses and one campground on the island of Maupiti. Some establishments stand out for the quality of their welcome and their magnificent location. Here is our selection.

Pension Taravanui: The Most Beautiful Memory

Located south of the main island, this small pension offers accommodation in bungalows in a beautiful family atmosphere. The rooms are beautifully decorated and impeccably clean. And the best part is that the meals are delicious.

Pension Tereia: A Magical Location

On the southeastern tip of the main island, the pension has direct access to the public beach of Tereia. No private bungalow but guest rooms. Above all, the setting is absolutely magnificent with the possibility of walking to the motu Auira.

Pension Tautiare Village: The Best Quality/Price Ratio

Still on the south coast of the main island, the pension offers 4 rooms to travelers at some of the most affordable rates. A double room with half board is less than $130. The comfort is basic but the meals are copious and varied.

Pension Le Kuriri: Go to the End of the World

On the motu Tiapaa, this guesthouse offers a complete change of scenery. In the middle of a tropical garden, several bungalows offer a contemplative retreat on the ocean. The establishment promotes sustainable development and offers several activities in this sense.

Maupiti Residence: The Closest to a Hotel in Maupiti

At the southeastern tip of the main island, two spacious bungalows welcome travelers seeking privacy and unforgettable views. Although there are no hotel on Maupiti, this is the closest thing to one. A mixed decoration and a beautiful setting with the Tereia Beach, the best beach in Maupiti. It is ideal for honeymoons and short stays on the island. On the other hand, there is no half-board on site.

Some Practical Questions Before Your Arrival

Beware of Additional Fees

Most establishments do not accept credit cards, or there are substantial additional charges. Payments are generally made in cash in Pacific francs. Since there are no ATMs on the island, it is important to withdraw enough cash before coming to Maupiti.

The guesthouses arrange for airport transfers. Some owners include transfers in the price of accommodation but most charge from 5 to $25 per person. It is therefore important to pay attention to these additional costs, which can quickly become enormous.

Indeed, travelers staying on the motus may have to pay up to $15 per person for transportation to the main island. Also, air conditioning is charged from 5 to $14.

Aerial View over Maupiti

The Importance of Half-Board Accomodation in Maupiti

It is imperative to choose a guesthouse that includes breakfast and dinner in the price. In Maupiti, there is no restaurant. Meals outside are taken at the few kiosks on the beach and on the main road. These are mainly snack bars offering fast food.

Half-board accommodation is the best alternative to diversify your diet and enjoy a real meal. Beware of the few pensions on the island that do not offer breakfast or dinner.

Finally, for extras for consumption, it is better to do your shopping in Tahiti before arriving in Maupiti. Indeed, the local grocery store is often poorly stocked and finding a bottle of champagne or a quality wine is a miracle (very expensive).

Sleep in a Hotel in Maupiti or Stay With a Local?

The accommodation offer in Maupiti can be summarized in two words: simplicity and friendliness. Most of the time, the reception conditions are reduced to a minimum.

Often, the hosts consider the visitors as their own guests. They share their meals with them and introduce them to Polynesian life. In return, they expect a reciprocal conviviality from their guests. This is far from the classic customer relationship.

This discrepancy can explain some misunderstandings between visitors and their hosts. Travelers looking for high quality hotel services will have to choose another destination for their stay and prefer Bora Bora for example. For others, a stay in one of the guesthouses in Maupiti will be an unforgettable experience.

Book Your Hotel and Discover Maupiti

Once you’ve found the right place to spend your dream vacation, it’s time to discover the best things to do in Maupiti. Whether your passion is hiking, scuba diving or both, organize your arrival on the island in the best way. Simply contact us for any additional information: we will be happy to help!