The accommodation offer in Maupiti stands in two words: simplicity and friendliness. There are no hotel in Maupiti, only guesthouses. As for flights to Maupiti from Tahiti, it is important to plan ahead. Different accommodations are available to you. Let’s take a look at them to help you choose the right place to spend your vacation.

Hotel in Maupiti: Choosing the Right Location

Pension Tautiare Village in MaupitiPonton de la pension Tautiare Village Maupiti” by peterfatson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Maupiti is composed of one main island and five sandy islands surrounding it, the famous motus, mostly uninhabited. For a first experience, choose an accommodation on the main island. You will discover more easily the local life.

The main island is a high island. This is where the shops and snacks are located. You can enjoy biking, hiking to Mount Teurafaatui, clearly the most beautiful hike in Maupiti. We recommend Pension Taravanui, which offers accommodation in bungalows in a beautiful family atmosphere.

The motus have the advantage of offering a secluded experience. You will enjoy an extraordinary view of the main island and the lagoon. This experience is offered by the Kuriri guesthouse located on the motu Tiapaa. In the middle of a tropical garden, several bungalows offer a contemplative retreat on the ocean.

Hotel in Maupiti: Choosing the Right Accommodation

If you don’t have a hotel in Maupiti, you can choose to stay in a guesthouse. You will have your own private room in a guesthouse, with shared bathroom and toilet facilities. Meals are taken at the main table with the other travelers. Of particular interest are the Pension Tereia, which is located next to the eponymous beach, and the Pension Tautiare Village on the southern side of the main island.

With a private bungalow, guests enjoy more comfortable and especially more intimate accommodations with private bedrooms and bathrooms. For those seeking privacy and unforgettable views, check out Maupiti Residence, the closest thing to a hotel in Maupiti. It’s ideal for honeymooners and short stays on the island.

Camping is the cheapest solution and often the last resort to avoid sleeping under the stars. Sanitary facilities and a common living room are available to visitors. Close to Tereia Beach, the most beautiful beach in Maupiti, there is an air of adventure without equal.

Practical Questions Before Your Arrival

Aerial View over Maupiti

Most establishments do not accept credit cards. Since there are no ATMs, it is important to withdraw enough cash in Pacific francs before coming to Maupiti.

Guesthouses charge for airport transfers with prices ranging from 5 to $25 per person. Also, visitors staying on the motus may have to pay up to $15 per person for transportation to the main island. Also, you will pay 5 to $14 for air conditioning. Be aware of these extra charges.

In Maupiti, there are no restaurants and poor stocks at the local grocery store, especially for quality spirits. Choose to eat in the snack bars on the beach and along the coastal road. For extras, it is better to shop in Tahiti before arriving in Maupiti.

Finally, keep in mind that your hosts will consider you as their own guests. They will share their meals with you and introduce you to Polynesian life. In return, they expect their guests to be friendly to each other. This is far from the classic customer relationship. That would help to avoid certain misunderstandings.

Book your Hotel and Discover Maupiti

Once you have found the accommodation where to spend your dream vacation, it will be time to discover the best activities in Maupiti. Other destinations also await you in French Polynesia. Do not hesitate to contact us to start organizing your stay.