Maupiti is the smallest and least populated of the Leeward Islands. The preserved beauty of the island favors the discovery of the local fauna and flora. Find your flight to Maupiti and your hotel in Maupiti. Let’s discover the best things to do in Maupiti!

1. Climbing Mount Teurafaatiu

Best Things To Do in Maupiti: view from mount Teurafaatiu

In the high islands of French Polynesia, the mountains compete with the lagoon in beauty. Their relief and colors captivate travelers from around the world. They are both bewitching and mysterious. However, few can boast of offering such an incredible panoramic view as Mount Teurafaatiu. Admittedly, hiking in Maupiti can be quite physical, especially on the last segment to the summit. But it is worth it. The view on the lagoon is exceptional. In good weather, you can even see the neighboring island of Bora-Bora in the distance. At the end of the world, you can dream with your eyes open about the beauty of the Pacific islands. The experience is simply unmissable.

2. Diving at the Manta Ray Station

Manta Rays in Maupiti, French Polynesia

Maupiti has the particularity of hosting in its lagoon what is called a cleaning station. Every day, the manta rays fly over the coral sponges so that the small fish that live there get rid of their parasites. The process is a natural wonder that diving in Maupiti is experienced from the bottom of the lagoon. Manta rays are one of the most graceful fish and their aquatic ballet is an unforgettable spectacle. On some occasions, it is possible to observe up to eight individuals circling overhead. Divers looking about things to do in Maupiti will find something to satisfy their curiosity here.

3. Crossing the lagoon on Foot to the Motu Auira

Things to do in Maupiti: Crossing the lagoon

Due to the low depth of the lagoon, it is possible to walk to some motus from the main island. At low tide, an average-sized adult will be knee-deep in water. Thus, travelers walk on the sandbanks for several hundred meters. Being alone in the middle of the lagoon is a unique experience. The panoramic view of the mountains and the ocean is breathtaking. The adventure is to be experienced from Tereia Beach, the best beach in Maupiti. The crossing to the motu Auira located in front of it takes half an hour. On the way, you will meet some fish, rays and sometimes even black tip sharks. This aquatic fauna is absolutely harmless and contributes to the marvel of the moment.

4. Hiking Around the Island

Things to do in Maupiti: Hiking around the island

Going all the way around an island paradise, where people and nature live in harmony? On Maupiti, this adventure is possible within a few hours. Indeed, the small size of the island makes walking accessible to all ages and physical conditions. On the way, you will observe many sites of interest such as the archaeological remains of the ancient power of Maupiti. You will also have fun recognizing the engravings of ancestral animals on the sacred stones. The walk will be an opportunity to discover the flowery village of Vaiea and its daily life. Further north, one visits the strange Sea Palace in the company of its whimsical and adorable owner. As is often the case in French Polynesia, the important thing is to take your time. With almost no traffic, you can walk at your own pace, quiet and relaxing.

5. Snorkeling in Maupiti Lagoon

Tropical fish seen while snorkeling in Maupiti

The more athletic travelers can enjoy a drift snorkeling session. Carried by the incoming current, we slowly fly over the intense aquatic life to meet the multicolored tropical fish. This experience requires basic snorkeling equipment and some experience. In Maupiti, the best spot is located in the north of the island, near the motu Pae’ao. For more than 500 meters, you can drift in a narrow and shallow passage. In addition, the conditions for observation are therefore ideal. It is therefore an excellent alternative to scuba diving.

And That’s Not All!

Continue the adventure in French Polynesia and discover the best remaining activities in Maupiti and the other islands of the archipelago. From deep-sea fishing trips to leisurely kayaking in the lagoon, take your trip further. Contact us to find out about possible activities according to your preferences.