Finding a flight to Maupiti is one of essential steps in preparing your stay. Maupiti is a great destination and the island is a little paradise that has to be earned. Due to the low frequency of flights and the limited number of available seats, you will sometimes have to be flexible in your arrival and departure dates.

After having seen how to get to Maupiti, let’s discover the different possibilities and the offers of the airlines to choose the best flight.

The Very Few Flights To Maupiti

The main problem with Maupiti airport is that its runway is too short. In any case, too short for large commercial flights. The air route between Tahiti and Maupiti appears to be one of the least profitable for the company. This probably explains the lack of regular flights and the high cost of tickets.

From Faa’a International Airport in Tahiti, there are an average of 3 flights per week. During school vacations, two additional flights are added to the regular connections. Other connections exist, notably with the neighboring islands of Raiatea and Bora Bora. However, some aircrafts have a very limited capacity, with about ten passengers on board.

Price Of Flights To Maupiti On Regular Routes

In French Polynesia, the local airline Air Tahiti has a privileged position concerning flights between the archipelagos. This commercial monopoly has been challenged in recent years with the arrival of minor companies. These companies propose for the most part flights linking the Leeward Islands to each other.

From Tahiti, we use Air Tahiti. A round trip flight to Maupiti costs between 300 and $380 for an adult and about $250 for a child under 12. Generally, there are regular flights on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

For flights to neighboring islands, you can also use Tahiti Air Charter. With a one-way ticket, you can reach Maupiti quite quickly from:

  • Bora Bora: 4 flights/week – 20 min – $70 – direct
  • Raiatea: 4 flights/week – 20 min – $90 – direct
  • Huahine: 1 flight/week – 70 min – $100 – 1 stop-over

Unless you want to spend your entire stay on the island of Maupiti, taking round trip flights (twice as expensive) is not an economical solution. The rates are exorbitant and often to the detriment of foreign visitors who do not benefit from the same preferential prices as local residents.

To get the best prices, we recommend using a flight comparator, such as Skyscanner:

The Best Choice To Visit Maupiti: Multi-Island Passes

Air Tahiti offers combined air tickets that allow you to visit several islands in specific circuits. Before boarding, travelers choose the destinations they wish to visit. The only constraint: the itinerary is fixed in advance. No chance left to chance or to the mood of the day. However, it is a great saving of money and time.

All reservations can be made on the Air Tahiti website or in the local agencies in French Polynesia. Be careful not to confuse this with the international agency Air Tahiti Nui. A pass is valid for 28 days from the date of the first flight. Make sure you choose a “visitor” fare and not a “resident” fare. Otherwise, you will be denied access to the aircraft.

Flights to Maupiti : How to book your plane ticket

Two Air Tahiti passes allow you to visit the island of Maupiti:

The Bora Bora Pass

  • Society Archipelago
  • 5 islands to visit: Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Bora Bora and Maupiti
  • About 450€ per person

The Bora-Tuamotu Pass

  • Society and Tuamotu Archipelagos
  • 7 islands to visit among: Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Bora-Bora, Maupiti, Tikehau, Fakarawa and Rangiroa
  • About 575€ per person

Choosing The Right Pass To Fly To Maupiti

Essentially, there are three factors to consider:

Duration Of The Stay: How Long In French Polynesia?

To enjoy an island, you should plan on average three nights on site. Multiplying the number of stopovers and flight times means maximizing the views and experiences. It can also mean rushing around unnecessarily when the most important thing is to enjoy the peaceful pace of Polynesian life. Travelers planning two weeks in the islands can be satisfied with the Bora Bora Pass. Beyond 15 days, the question of completing the visit of the Society Archipelago with the discovery of the Tuamotu Archipelago is more natural.

Your Budget: Do You Choose An Economical Or A Comfortable Package?

A stay in French Polynesia is quite expensive. The difference in price between the passes can be quite substantial depending on the number of travelers. A large family or group travelers may prefer to save on airfare to enjoy an expensive water activity on Maupiti or Bora Bora.

Activities: Diving Or Relaxation?

The Tuamotus are low-lying islands, where aquatic activities such as scuba diving are at the heart of the program. For those who like to discover the aquatic fauna, it is very advantageous to combine Maupiti and Rangiroa in the same itinerary. In this case, taking a Bora-Tuamotu Pass is a must.

Our Advice: Choosing Multi-Destination Flights

Finding a flight to Maupiti is not so difficult as such. However, it will be necessary to adapt your stay in French Polynesia according to the schedules and availability. The question of budget is also important because airfares are among the most expensive in the Society Archipelago.

Air Tahiti Passes are an opportunity to make your flight to Maupiti more profitable. Economically more advantageous than a round trip flight from Tahiti, multi-island flights will also allow you to discover other islands and multiply your experiences and encounters.

For a first experience, the Bora Bora Pass seems to be the best choice. However, this does not mean that travelers have to make a stopover on each of the visitable islands. Only two stops are mandatory. One can therefore complement a long stay on Maupiti with a subsequent stop on Bora Bora or Huahine.

Which routes to choose in French Polynesia?

Besides Maupiti, you probably plan to visit other islands of the archipelago. Which ones to choose and in which order? We will be happy to answer your questions to help you organize the most beautiful stay in French Polynesia: Contact us to receive personalized advice!