French Polynesia abounds in natural wonders, heavenly landscapes to discover along the water’s edge. The bluish lagoons further embellish the islands, often offering sumptuous panoramas of the mountains and distant horizon. A boat trip will be one of the highlights of your Polynesian holiday. Which one to choose? Here are some of the best guided tours on the lagoons in French Polynesia, in the Society and Tuamotu archipelagos.

Lagoon Tours in French Polynesia

Pirogue boat for the Huahine lagoon tour

The lagoons in French Polynesia are best explored by boat, usually aboard a motorized pirogue. Passengers are seated in the bow to enjoy the view, while the captain stands back at the helm. Most boats are covered by an awning, a kind of arbour that protects passengers from the sun.

The crew includes one or two additional guides, responsible for entertainment and snorkeling guidance. Indeed, the tours don’t just showcase the most beautiful scenery: they’re a complete immersion experience. Expect singing, music, snorkeling and various demonstrations of coconut weaving and husking. And don’t forget the Tahitian buffet lunch on day trips.

These excursions are shared with other participants: adults, children and even babies. The group atmosphere is very relaxed and lends itself to vacations. Another advantage: <strong>pick-up from your hotel can be included in the package. For those who would like more privacy, the option of a private tour is always available, albeit at a much higher price.

Lagoon tours are practical excursions, guaranteeing maximum excitement and discovery in a relatively short space of time. As such, they are among the best things to do in French Polynesia.

The Most Beautiful Lagoons in French Polynesia

Bora Bora, Legendary Beauty

Lagoon of Bora Bora: Choose the best activities!

The lagoon of Bora Bora is dazzlingly beautiful and ranks among the most beautiful in the world. In this island paradise, discovering the motus, the breathtaking view of Mount Otemanu and the countless shades of blue on the water are sources of wonder. The spectacle is first and foremost visual: the Pearl of the Pacific has never deserved its nickname more.

The program includes several snorkeling stops where you can meet the aquatic fauna, including blacktip sharks and stingrays. Cultural and leisure activities punctuate the trip in a relaxed atmosphere. Most of the adventure takes place on the water, with a few stops on land to visit the motus.

Benefit: see the beauty of Bora Bora from the water.

Tahaa, the Magnificent Coral Garden

View of Tahaa's overwater bungalows

Tahaa is a destination somewhat removed from the tourist circuit. More intimate and discreet than its neighbor Bora Bora, it also boasts a magnificent lagoon, dotted with idyllic motus. Above all, its coral garden is one of the most beautiful in French Polynesia. Drift snorkeling is a unique experience in terms of colors and sensations.

Tahaa tours follow the coastline of the main island, with many stops on land. This is an opportunity to visit a pearl farm, a rum distillery and, of course, a vanilla plantation: Tahaa isn’t called Vanilla Island by chance! You’ll discover local crafts and island life as you sail through fantastic landscapes.

Benefit: snorkel in the Coral Garden.

Huahine, a Discreet Authenticity

The outrigger of the pirogue on the Huahine lagoon

Authentic Huahine is a gigantic island of lush vegetation, even wilder in its southern part. Departing from the village of Fare, you’ll reach these protected areas along the ocean passes and motus. Local guides with a heart on their sleeve and a smile on their lips ensure a family atmosphere.

There are plenty of stops along the way: snorkeling, swimming, workshops and demonstrations of all kinds. Huahine has a strong Polynesian spirit, and your guides are happy to tell the stories and legends that populate the islanders’ imaginations and daily lives. In this way, you’ll explore an unspoilt natural environment for an intense and incredible immersion in search of the island’s mana.

Benefit: discover authentic Polynesia.

Rangiroa, the Immensity Before You

The motus on the blue lagoon of Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Head to the Tuamotu archipelago for an extraordinary nautical adventure! The day begins with a crossing of Rangiroa’s gigantic lagoon to the Blue Lagoon. When you reach it, you’ll be overwhelmed by the bluish beauty of an unsuspected secondary lagoon. And the immensity of the site. Welcome to the land at the end of the world, where the horizon merges into sky and sea!

The Blue Lagoon is a nursery for blacktip sharks. It’s amazing to see so many juvenile sharks swimming in these shallow waters, let alone swimming in them! Another highlight is a picnic on a secluded motu, before crossing the sandbanks in search of more thrills. On the way back, another big surprise awaits you: snorkeling in the impressive Avatoru pass, full of fish.

Advantage: experience immensely large landscapes.

Moorea, in the Shadow of the Mountains

Snorkeling in the Moorea lagoon during the pirogue tour

Take the ferry from Tahiti and explore Moorea for a day. There’s no way you can circumnavigate the island by boat: Moorea is far too big. So take a tour along the north coast, in the shadow of Mount Rotui. From the deep bays of Opunohu and Cook, you’ll reach the calm waters of the lagoon and a coral garden.

See stingrays, blacktip sharks and green turtles swim alongside you and learn how to observe them. This hands-on outing is almost an introduction to snorkeling, making it a must before leaving the Windward Islands for Huahine, Fakarava or Tikehau. This will undoubtedly be your first encounter with sharks in French Polynesia.

Benefit: learn to snorkel in the islands.

Discover the Lagoons in French Polynesia!

From Tahiti, it’s easy to reach Bora Bora, Huahine and Rangiroa by plane, and Moorea by ferry. For Tahaa, a stopover on Raiatea is necessary, as the Vanilla Island has no airport. The adventure can continue even further to Raivavae in the Australs or Mangareva in the Gambiers, in search of wonderful new lagoons. Find out the best time to visit French Polynesia and start your journey in the South Pacific. Contact us to organize your tours of the world’s most beautiful lagoons.